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Welcome to Las Farolas


( Focus on Intensified and Scientific Harnessing of the Environment and its Sustainability)

The world is in danger of extinction. The order of things is throwing us off balance.


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Vision Statement

Las Farolas, , the brainchild of HGB Moment PHilippines, Inc. and Ortigas and Company will propel the Philippines into the global map of tourist destinations as it steers the local tourism towards proactively answering the issues of the environment and its resources and becoming responsive to the needs of the society and the economy, in the manner that it promotes its conservation, preservation and sustainability while it serves as a solid platform for continuing research that benefits both the academe and the general public.

Mission Statement

As an oceanarium, Las Farolas is a man-made marvel that aims to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience of the underwater wonders through the exhibition of rich freshwater biodiversity in a state-of-the-art environment that mimics the natural freshwater habitat.

Las Farolas takes the general public to the breathtaking ecosystem beneath, creating scientific knowledge and fostering appreciation. It is an interactive classroom that talks much of the aquatic life - its history and sophistication - and teaches sustainable means by which man can combat the threat of its extinction, through the many activities that the oceanarium offers.