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( Focus on Intensified and Scientific Harnessing of the Environment and its Sustainability)

The world is in danger of extinction. The order of things is throwing us off balance.


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In order to serve the purpose and to fully satisfy the essence of its existence, Las Farolas will:

A. Be a center for exhibition of the endemic and exotic freshwater creatures. It will provide a fitting environment that mimics their natural habitat. Las Farolas will undertake activities that are educational, entertaining and relaxing.

B. Fulfill the task of preservation and conservation by gathering and exhibiting species especially those that are threatened to extinction, and consequently hold programs and activities that teaches about the importance of preservation and conservation and its corresponding effects to the freshwater ecosystem in particular and the earth’s ecological balance in general.

C. Serve as a venue for education by presenting a variety of species to familiarize the public with those that are not common or those that are only seen in pictures, books and in the movies. Provide informational material on these creatures, initiate and undertake educational activities that will impart knowledge and deepen appreciation of the aquatic creatures. Plan and execute programs and activities where the public will be allowed interaction, although limited, to these creatures to instill positive values and effect positive behavior change.

D. Act as solid platform for research by partnering with educational, private, government and non-government institutions for scientific study of the aquatic life by providing information and access. Las Farolas will be a staunch supporter of the cause by sharing knowledge and best practices.